I spent years analysing scripts, writing notes and 'fixing' projects as a STORY-MONGER only to find that, if the scripts ever got made, the fuckers had ignored me and filmed unspeakable shite. 

It was a trifle frustrating.

So, I stopped, and got a proper job. One with a salary, career progression, and a mystical  thing the film-industry regards as akin to a Fantastic Beast that no one can Find - a pension!  

Ten-years later and the novelty of paying rent, buying food, and not being screamed at by coked-up creatives, still hasn't worn off.

... BUT.

I'm still OBSSESSED with stories and LOVE movies, TV, Radio -- ANYWHERE you can find a cracking story, thrillingly told, you'll find me analysing, tinkering, and fixing. 

Well, me and my partner, who's got a frighteningly high IQ and is a killer STORY-MONGER in her own right.

So, we bought a microphone, a Limitless Card for our local Odeon, and started recording

Each episode we take a film we don't think works, rip the STORY to bits,  and put it back together again so it does. 



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