I've been writing scripts for ten years and I'm good.

I know, I know ... 'you would say that you arrogant so and so,' but it's not just me, I swear!


The BBC Writers Room, The National Film and Television School, the Royal College of Art, Hat Trick Productions, and a bunch of companies and people who work behind the scenes in the Film & TV industries agree.


Trouble is, beyond the few dozen development people, script-editors and producers, who know me and love what I do, all that work - ten-years labour - is lost in DEVELOPMENT HELL!



I want you to meet ALL my favorite characters​, like RALPH, SON OF GOD, the faded rock-star who's terrified he might be Jesus; NIKI, the Anglo-Nigerian cop caught in nightmare conspiracy in the RING OF STEEL; MAX & THEA who run the world’s only full-service, GHOST HOTEL where the dead go on holiday in the living; teenaged  necromancer DARYL SNUFF, one of the famed SNUFF BROS.  I want you to drag-race demons with THE BURNING BOYS, battle Werewolves with the DOGBOYZ on a Council Estate, and I'll even dare you to play the nightmare, online BLUE WHALE game, all the way to DAY 50.


Like me, none of 'em are perfect and most are 'works in progress', but they're my babies and I love them all, and want to share them with YOU for FREE!


All I ask in return is that you let me know WHAT YOU THINK or SUBSCRIBE so I can keep in touch.

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