I LOVE animation.

I even wrote and produced an animated film, LIGHTMAN, when I was at the NFTS. When  she was Head of Series at DISNEY XD, the incredible JEN UPTON, yelled at me to pitch her a kids animated series.

I came up with SNUFF BROS., about a teenage Bailbondsman for The Dead, which she loved, but DISNEY didn't.

It's probably another one that's just too mad for TV, like RALPH, URBAN FARMING and just about everything else I write.

So it goes.

I wound up being invited to pitch it at the CHILDREN'S MEDIA CONFERENCE in Sheffield a few years back. It was a fun experience and they POSTED the session online.

If you watch it all I can say is ... i've lost a lot of weight since then!

A publisher who was in the audience, asked me after if I'd ever thought of turning it into a novel. I thought, why not, had a bash and sent over a couple of sample chapters

One year later ... yes, you read that right, it took them an ENTIRE FUCKING YEAR to read  a couple of really short chapters, they declined. So it goes, but feel free to give it a read and let me know if I should finish it.

Personally, I've always wanted to re-work both SNUFF BROS. and GHOST HOTEL as comics, but haven't ever been able to find the right collaborators

If there are any brilliant ARTISTS or PUBLISHERS out there looking to collaborate, drop me a line.








I was walking past the CROSSRAIL site one day and paused to watch a WRECKING BALL annihilate a bunch of railway arches, and a ridiculous thought popped ito my head ...

Where the fuck are all the TROLLS going to live, now!?

It made my laugh and then ,made me think quite deeply about the process of re-development, and the way that London's traditional communities have been pushed out by the march of GENTRIFICATION.

All the way home, as I sat on the train watching the South London skyline slip by, wondering what would happen when London's last remaining TROLL was finally pushed out from under his beloved bridge by Crossrail.

It's a great idea for a kids TV show that's actually about something. Give the first episode a read and drop me a line, I'd love to hear your thoughts.



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